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The Gbm Country Director Gets a First Hand Grip of the State of Mental Health in Cameroon

It is one thing to read and to write about something, it is another thing to talk about it, and it is yet another thing to witness the reality on the ground.Read More…


The Gbm-em Foundation organizes a roundtable discussion on Dignity in Mental Health

This was a radio campaign on World Brain Day under the theme Epilepsy Let’s really talk about Dignity in Mental Health!!! This is what the Gbm-em Foundation has invited stakeholders from theRead More…


One of the best ways to combat to Stigma in Mental Health, is to talk ceaselessly about different issues involved

The Time to Act is always now We do not need to wait for the World Mental Health Day to Dare2TalkAbout it. Consequently, the theme for this year’s celebration on the 10thRead More…