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Let's be the Hope for each other

Let’s be the Hope for each other


There are several ways you can get involved and join us in being the hope for each other.

  1. You can buy copies of My Brother’s Journey from Genius to Simpleton and Share with others as means of sensitization with a true life story. This will equally help in the fight against stigma and the need for more empathy of these vulnerable ones;
  2. You can share your own stories on our blog, or guest blog with us on any related topic;
  3. You can make a donation to sponsor one of our projects;
  4. You can Volunteer with us. There are several opportunities available;
  5. You can refer us to a partner organization or funder;

Kindly therefore get in touch with us through our contact form.

The Gbm-em Foundation is a not for Profit Organization and counts on your donations and involvement for its continuous engagement and service to the communities.

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