The above is the Gbm Center for epilesy and mental wellbeing under construction in the locality of Azi-Fontem Lebialem Division, SW Region – Cameroon.

On the 29th of November that is two days from now, we at the foundation will be receiving an important delegation bringing us nothing short of the best Christmas gift we’ve ever received in our short life span.

ENEO Cameroon our most VIP Sponsor so far

ENEO Cameroon in light of its impressive corporate social responsiblity engagements, responded favourably to our request for sponsorship. The Regional Director sent us an awesome letter on the 14th of November to that effect, and we hereby attach same for your appreciation.

Support to Gabriel Bobenbechem Foundation

Below is an excerpt from our indefatiguable Board Chairman Chief Charles Achaleke Taku:

The foundation was greeted with a lot of enthusiasm by members of the public from far and near and the assistance provided by Eneo will be of great benefit to the victims of stigmatization, their families and the entire community.

We have received great encouragement and support worldwide, especially towards targeted medical missions and the handbook of Epilepsy for teachers but the support from Eneo is one of the most significant. As a great social and humanitarian action, its innovative and transformative impact on lives of real people in need will go down in history as the proverbial “stitch in time”.

We can assure you that this donation will promptly be used to significantly move the project to its next phase: roofing and completion and the update will promptly be provided to you.

The center under construction will host and carry out the following activities aimed at eliminating the stigma, improving diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy, supporting research towards improved methods of diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy as well as rehabilitation of persons suffering from consequences of epilepsy.

The centre will therefore be made up of:

  1. Rehabilitation workshops;

  2. Neurological laboratory;

  3. General biological laboratory;

  4. Research center;

  5. Conference center;

  6. Offices;

  7. Living quarters for visiting experts and partners;

  8. Toilets;

  9. Kitchen and laundry.

The centre will also be the hub for the mobile clinic activities.

Here at the centre, we shall:

  • Carry out sensitization and awareness campaigns that will involve all vital stakeholders;

  • Fight against stigma, rejection & abuse of persons living with epilepsy;

  • Support and promote research in diagnosis, treatment and management of epilepsy and the wellbeing of the patients;

The primary beneficiaries of this centre shall be people living with or affected by epilepsy in and beyond the Fontem Health District and its environs as well as our entire nation. Its secondary beneficiaries will be families, friends of persons living with epilepsy or affected by epilepsy and the entire community at large.

Kindly Get Involved like ENEO Cameroon

No donation is too small, we can’t ever do alone. The 3rd of December 2017 will make it three years since the centre’s launch in Buea Cameroon, and although we have come a long way – a lot still left to be done to bring epilepsy out of the shadows.


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The Gbm Foundation for Epilepsy and Mental Wellbeing maintains this blog to contribute towards the fight against all forms of stigma, rejection and abuses of epileptics and mentally ill from the social and medical systems.

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