The Gbm Foundation for Epilepsy and Mental Wellbeing on the 2nd of November launched and distributed copies of the Handbook of Epilepsy for Teachers. The event was marked by the trainer of the teachers present by the author of the handbook Dr Cyrille Nkouonlack a neurologist in the South West Region of Cameroon.

The event was an occasion to train trainers on how to handle and offer first aid to pupils/students suffering from epilepsy. Epilepsy is a non-contagious neurological disorder characterized by recurrent seizures, with at least two unprovoked seizures occurring in a period of more than 24 hours which can affect just anybody no matter the race, sex, colour, age etc. The event that saw the participation of some 40 persons, opened with a welcome word from Gbm founder and Programme Director Madame Bibiana Taku.

The teachers were trained about epilepsy and general best practices. The training by the author of the handbook himself, Dr Cyril Nkouanlack was geared towards removing the fears and stigma surrounding epilepsy. The fact that Epilepsy is associated with a wide-range of learning problems makes it critical that children with epilepsy have appropriate support at school so as to realize their potential.

The headmistress of the host school in an interview expressed her fears before this training as she looked as epilepsy as a superstitious illness; after the training however, her mindset has been changed and she is very appreciative of the training and work of the foundation. She further added now that all the teachers have the Handbook of Epilepsy for teachers, they would schedule an in-house training session with the teachers to deepen their knowledge in handling any epilepsy seizures in their school.

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Generous Donations of printed copies of handbook helped a great deal in the epilepsy awareness campaign in the school milieu

The Gbm Foundation for epilepsy and mental wellbeing is contributing its mite, via various forms of sensitization and outreach projects to bring epilepsy out of the shadows, but we desperately needs all the support she can get to keep up with such endeavours. We collaborate with other national and international bodies to spread the word against the stigma surrounding persons living with epilepsy and mental illness, and share some solidarity and assistance. However, as a barely three year old organization, our outreach is still limited especially due to unavailable human and other resources. Together, we can achieve more, do not hesitate to contact us or make a donation so that the remaining handbooks could be distributed to other schools all over the country.



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