Donation of Medications by Gbm to the integrated health unit in Tole

Donations always bring fulfilment both to the donor and the donee. At the Gbm Foundation for epilepsy and mental wellbeing, we do not only ask for donations but we make donations to the most destitute mindful of our resources. One of the communities who received our donations of medications is the erstwhile renowned Tole Tea Estate community around the city of Buea in the South West Region of Cameroon.

Tole tea community

The Tole community which sprung up and became a vibrant local community with the creation of the Tole Tea Estate by the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) in the 60s, has for over a decade now been in dire need of basic amenities and facilities especially with the privatisation of the Tea Estate. The once equipped Health post was abandoned and later on integrated to the mission health post which has stood the test of time.

Integrated health center

It was with this in mind that on Wednesday August 09th 2017, the Gbm Programme Director Ms TaKu Mbuh Bibiana alongside other sympathizers of the foundation donated some anti-epilepsy medications to the Tole Integrated Health Center in the South West Region of Cameroon. A colourful but modest event was organized; and the Gbm delegation was received by Reverend Father Emmanuel of the our Lady of Grace shrine in Sasse in the company of two medical doctors and two nurses representing the reverend sisters who manage the Tole Integrated Health Center.

Presentation of Gbm’s Objectives by the Program Director Mrs Bibiana Taku

This philanthropic gesture marks another milestone in our outreach activities at the foundation. We moved from our pilot area of Fontem in the Lebialem Division of the SW Region of Cameroon where we have organized previous medical missions, and dispensed free medications to the hundreds freely consulted, and we answered the people’s plight from the Tole community. The officials of the Tole Integrated Health center were very delighted as they received the medications and they promised to make good use of the anti-epilepsy medications which comes a long way to boost their Health center which is very much in dire need of various medical supplies. They pledged their support to the Gbm foundation and hailed us for such gestures wishing others copied our example.

Tole is a community in the South West region that has as prime activity Tea cultivation. Before 2002, it was managed by the Cameroon Development Corporation after which it was privatized to the renowned business magnet Ahladji Danpullo Baba. The over fifteen thousand inhabitants of the locality depend on the Tole Integrated Health Centre for medical care a centre facing its own challenges especially in receiving and giving care to persons living with epilepsy.

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Let’s be the Hope for each other

The Gbm Foundation for epilepsy and mental wellbeing is contributing its mite, via various forms of sensitization and outreach projects to bring epilepsy out of the shadows, but we desperately needs all the support she can get to keep up with such endeavours. We collaborate with other national and international bodies to spread the word against the stigma surrounding persons living with epilepsy and mental illness, and share some solidarity and assistance. However, as a barely three year old organization, our outreach is still limited especially due to unavailable human and other resources. Together, we can achieve more, do not hesitate to contact us or make a donation.


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