The Gbm-em Team and the turn out of the second medical mission

The Gbm-em Team and the turn out of the second medical mission

Hello World, ahead of our participation at the 3rd Epilepsy Congress in Dakar in May, we at the Gbm Foundation are organizing a 3rd Medical Mission to Fontem. Kindly get involved and support us in this noble mission to bring better health care to our people.

The Gbm Foundation has carried out a baseline study in the Lebialem Division of the SW Region in Cameroon and the alarming findings from the studies have in 2015 and 2016 respectively, been the catalyst for two medical missions. The turnout at each of these missions have been massive, but the lone neurologist has unfortunately not been able to consult all the patients who come in. The Foundation now seeks to organize a third medical mission, and it hopes to in partnership with other foundations and people of good will, elaborate on the mission and extend the health areas covered to include Diabetes (with the O’Tabong Asaba Foundation) and Cancer.

The medical mission will also include an advocacy and outreach campaign by the foundation in various schools through the dissemination and distribution of the Teacher’s Handbook of Epilepsy for Schools. It is expected that the distribution of these handbook and other campaign materials, will go a long way to fight the stigma surrounding epilepsy and the resulting cognitive behavioural issues which may arise and lead in some cases to one mental illness or the other.

Let's be the Hope for each other

Let’s be the Hope for each other

Please get involved and donate to a noble cause. Go to our website to find out different ways through which you could get involved. Epilepsy is more than seizures, let’s beat the stigma – let’s dare to talk about it. Health is Wealth, lets be aware and take care of ourselves.

This time around, the foundation will host a team of visiting neurologists from the US. We hope the population thanks advantage of this and come forth in their numbers. Please spread the word, Thank you very much!


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The Gbm Foundation for Epilepsy and Mental Wellbeing maintains this blog to contribute towards the fight against all forms of stigma, rejection and abuses of epileptics and mentally ill from the social and medical systems.

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