A person living with epilepsy undergoes an EEG test

A person living with epilepsy undergoes an EEG test

From the 4th to the 6th of February 2016, the Gbm-em Foundation organized a second medical mission to Fontem, Lebialem Division it’s current pilot site.

The mission was themed ‘Epilepsy Ask Me’, and one of it’s objectives was to continue its campaign to bring epilepsy out of the shadows. The mission also wanted to carry out further baseline studies on those who had benefited from EEG’s last 2015 when the Gbm-em’s first medical mission was organized.

According to the report of this second medical mission hereby uploaded, a total of some 76 persons living with epilepsy were consulted and several of them sent for testing.

The situation on the field is somehow a cause for concern when we imagine that there is no EEG equipment at the Mary Health of Africa Hospital in Fontem, which if nevertheless the reference hospital in the division. Medications are equally short in supply, and there is no alternative to Phenobarbital mindful of the numerous side effects patients complain of when put on it.

Winifred Mbomwoh, a patient with a lost arm following an incident at the fire side

Winifred Mbomwoh, with a lost arm following an incident at the fire side

It is imperative to begin with, that persons suffering from epilepsy be properly diagnosed so as to ascertain the best treatment protocol.


kindly Donate for an EEG

The Gbm-em Foundation is thereby making an appeal to persons of goodwill to get involved and donate for an EEG equipment for the Mary Health of Africa Hospital in Fontem. The Lebialem Division it should be recalled has one the highest rates of the prevalence of epilepsy in Cameroon. Cameroon on its part according a recent Lancet Neurology report, has one of the highest (if not the highest) rate of epilepsy in the World.


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