There is no need to hide, people have to be informed and then change can be expected.

There is no need to hide, people have to be informed and then change can be expected.

Braving for the new year

Hello all, last May 2015, the Gbm Foundation launched it Inclusive Education for all project in its pilot area of Lebialem, South West Region. This project consists in proper diagnosis & treatment of epilepsy in youth of pre-school and school age aimed at eliminating the seizures and beating the stigma by implementing an integrated health and social care of epileptics in schools. The project was broken down in different phases which can be found here.

The first phase of the project helped to demystify epilepsy in the area, where a baseline study had revealed a high prevalence alongside a disturbing rate of stigma and disbelief in the scientific nature of the disease. The report of that phase can be read here.

From February 2nd to 6th

This year, the foundation and its partners are getting ready for the second part of that phase which had included the medical consultations, screenings and diagnosis and sensitization of various stakeholders, patients, their families and some teachers.

This second part of that phase will basically include monitoring and evaluation of those who were consulted and screened last May, as well further screening of those students who because of their epileptic seizures and the surrounding stigma are either having a difficult time in school or are contemplating quitting altogether.

This time around, the mission will first precede with a one day training of medical personnel on the ground, in the best practices to care for persons suffering from epilepsy, and then there will be monitoring and evaluation of the first batch of patients already diagnosed and put on anti-epileptic drugs. The neurologist will then conclude the medical mission with the screening of approximately 25 patients aged 25 and below ideally of school attendance.

We at the Gbm Foundation need your support

The Gbm Foundation presented by Mrs Bibiana Taku

The Gbm Foundation presented by Mrs Bibiana Taku

We don’t have the resources to take on more persons suffering from epilepsy, neither can we afford more than one neurologist. Our partner on the field the renowned Mary Health of Africa Fontem Hospital, neither have a neurologist nor the right equipment to perform the required electroencephalogram to aid with proper diagnosis before a treatment regime can be decided. Kindly do not hesitate to get involved knowing that even the smallest of contribution can make a whole difference in the life of not only person but their entire family and even community. Read Gabriel’s story to understand what we mean…


About Gbm-em

The Gbm Foundation for Epilepsy and Mental Wellbeing maintains this blog to contribute towards the fight against all forms of stigma, rejection and abuses of epileptics and mentally ill from the social and medical systems.

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