Mrs Bibiana Taku and Little Gabriel

Mrs Bibiana Taku and Little Gabriel

Here is a picture of our hero we fondly call little Gabriel. He so reminds us of Gabriel Bebonbechem in whose memory the Gbm-em Foundation and Centre was formed. Gabriel is 3 years old but as at that time, he couldn’t walk. He has cognitive developmental problems, he is malnourished. His mother is a person living with epilepsy and this neglected and stigmatised condition has also caused her great damage. She has severe cognitve developmental issues too, and often cannot take care of Little Gabriel.

Gbm-em intervenes through its Access to Treatment Fund

The Gbm-em Foundation set up an Access to Treatment Fund after its first medical mission to Fontem – Lebialem for the project on inclusive education.

The Foundation realized that to create a better impact, there had to be a gesture of facilitating treatment no matter how modest. Little Gabriel’s case was most pathetic because although not living with epilepsy, he was already so affected at the most tender age of 3. He need physiotherapy to learn how to walk, and that is what happened. After months of therapy, little Gabriel can now Walk.

Little Gabriel Learns to Walk and looks happier too

Little Gabriel Learns to Walk and looks happier too

These are our own Success stories

Getting featured in the Lancet Neurology, seeing the impact of our modest efforts in the life of Little Gabriel and obviously his family, helping other persons living with epilepsy obtain proper diagnosis and medication, all these are to us big successes. With your contributions, we could register more of such successes. Kindly do not hesitate to Get Involved Let’s Bring Epilepsy Out of the Shadows. A big thank you already to our different partners and especially the Mary Health of Africa Hospital in Fontem.


About Gbm-em

The Gbm Foundation for Epilepsy and Mental Wellbeing maintains this blog to contribute towards the fight against all forms of stigma, rejection and abuses of epileptics and mentally ill from the social and medical systems.

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